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Chester Sportscars Ltd - Upgrade Services

Classic Car Upgrades can be very cost effective, particularly when the vehicle then has an increased value, either to the owner or for Resale.

Fortunately, the earlier Ford Models, Mk 1 & Mk 2 Escorts, Anglias, Cortinas and Mk 1 & Mk 2 Fiestas are increasingly falling into this catagory, particularly where the car has a Classic or Sporting Heritage.

The Upgrade of our Mk1 Mexico, follows our "evaluate and rectify" approach where we assess a substantially sound car and take it through the stages necessary to bring it up to a "good, daily useable, standard " (which for us means quick but safe).

Ford blessed us with a Cheap & Reliable source of modern Single Overhead Cam & Twin Cam 16 valve engines and 5 speed gearboxes, along with a UK Nationwide Spares Organisation and dedicated Specialists who have reproduced what-ever panels and parts have become obsolete.

Couple this with the world wide web and ebay and we have a recipe for obtaining virtually anything off the shelf, fitting it to the car and ending up with a reliable, economic and eye catching Classic.

The photographic record of our Escort Mk1 Mexico Upgrade illustrates our approach to this type of work.

"Car finally ready for the road after 7 weeks work"


Car as bought, looked OK but examination revealed front suspension & panels a mess.
Pinto engine tired & sat in a rusty engine bay, clutch down to rivets. Electrics awefull, bare wires, corroded connections & splices everywhere.

Nothing for it but to cut all the rust away & do a proper job on the body & suspension

Followed by a full engine bay renovation

Engine bay re-fitment with Zetec 16 valve motor powered by 'bike carbs & MJL ignition

"Paint, bumpers & tunes"
Front wings hung & panel join smoothed, doors painted inside & out, door surrounds re-finished, rear quarters and sills resprayed, boot lid & bonnet grit blasted both
sides, filled, primed & resprayed, stone chipped under arches, front 1/4 bumpers fitted, wired new radio & CD playing through classic Goodman speakers.

The car is now available for sale. Please contact us for more details.


Chester Sportscars - Ford Zetec Engines Supplied, Fitted & Tuned. Front or Rear wheel drive cars. Silver Top Zetec E, used or reconditioned. Standard 1.6, 1.8 , 2.0 ltr or 2.1 ltr (recond only). New Black Top Zetec 1.8 or 2.0 ltr. Cylinder head work. Piper camshafts. Lightening & balancing. Steel flywheels.

Chester Sportscars Engine Tuning Kits with alloy inlet manifold, set of ‘bike carbs, ignition tuning module with CD programming disc & cable

Price £ 750 + VAT

Release the potential of these reliable engines.

1.8 ltr engine Ford 115 bhp increased to 160 bhp
1.8 ltr Ford RS1800 130 bhp increased to 170 bhp
Mondeo 2.0 ltr Ford 130 bhp increased to 175 bhp
Focus Zetec ST170 increased to 205 bhp

Engines Supplied & Fitted into Escort, Capri, Fiesta, Sierra, Cortina, Anglia, P100 Pickup and many kit cars.

Engine Tuning Kits also for Duratec, Zetec SE, X flow and Pinto engines and many other makes.

Price list


Mk 2 Escort with new 2 ltr Zetec black top engine, 'bike carbs, stainless steel exhaust manifold, 5 speed gearbox, brake & suspension upgrades, 165 bhp.


Mk1 Escort Mexico with 2 ltr Zetec silver top reconditioned engine, 'bike carbs, stainless steel exhaust manifold, 5 speed gearbox, front & rear supension upgrades, 165 bhp.


Mk 1 Fiesta with 1.8 ltr Zetec conversion, 'bike carbs, Ashley exhaust manifold, 5 speed gearbox, brake & suspension upgrade, 155 bhp.


Chester Sportscars’ JPS liveried J15 Sylva Demonstrator fitted with new unmodified Ford 16v Sigma engine and Fiesta gearbox recently made 144 bhp at its’ inaugural Rolling Road session.

The secret’s in the induction and ignition mapping; the combination of a swept alloy inlet manifold, Mikuni 38 mm choke carbs and a 3D ignition setup which responds to engine speed & load, gives a very smooth power curve , peaking at 6,800 rpm and a big increase in lower & mid range torque compared to the standard induction system.

With Ford specifying 99 bhp standard, this increase of 45% over standard is an excellent result and justifies Chester Sportscars in adding the SE Engine Tuning kit onto their range.

Mk2 Fiesta with 2 ltr engine, ‘bike carbs, 5 speed gearbox with LSD and brake & suspension upgrade. 180 bhp
Mk 2 Fiesta with 2 ltr Zetec running on our Advanced Engine Tuning Kit, cw Throttle Bodies, fuel rail & injectors, sensors, air trumpets & MS ECU. 170 bhp. Designed for Engines needing cleaner emissions.
P100 Pickup with 2 ltr Zetec engine, ‘bike carbs, 5 speed gearbox and Scorpio rear axle & suspension. 170 bhp
Capri Laser with 2 ltr Zetec engine, ‘bike carbs, 5 speed gearbox and front brake upgrade. 170 bhp
Mk2 Fiesta with 1.8 ltr Zetec engine, ‘bike carbs, 5 speed gearbox and brake & suspension upgrade. 160bhp

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