1972 Mk 1 Escort with 2 ltr Pinto running on Bike carbs

The SOHC Pinto must be one of the most popular engines to fit or keep in a Classic Ford ; torquey, belt driven overhead cam with big valves and easy breathing, maybe a tad heavy, but simple to work on and well supported with" off the shelf" tuning parts.

Our latest project Mk 1 Escort was bought with a 2 ltr Pinto already fitted, mated to a 5 speed gearbox and big radiator, but was really thirsty on the Twin 45 Dellortos and low profile tyres, while the engine bay was untidy, had been hacked about to previously fit an Evo motor and certainly was not up to our high standards.

So the engine & gearbox were hoisted out, the 'bay stripped, a new front panel, radiator supports & bottom cross member fitted , before an engine bay, front panel & bonnet respray in Evo Metallic blue. The underneath of the car and wheel arch & strut tops were in good order, having been well maintained, so were not touched.

The engine was checked out, an RS 2000 alloy sump fitted, alloy bell-housing and Piper 285 camshaft, along with a new cam belt, powder coated cam and belt covers and a crankshaft mounted Trigger wheel, to upgrade the ignition to a wasted spark Mondeo coil pack and MJL programmable ignition.

A swept alloy inlet manifold, set of 38 mm choke Mikuni carbs and a Piper Cross air filter completed the carburation with a boot mounted fuel pump & pressure regulator.

Much thought was put into the plug lead run and coil pack location and a simple bracket mounted onto the cylinder head allowed the plug leads to run in their original location, making for a very neat installation.

A new set of Silicon hoses and some rerouting of the pipe runs, new copper brake lines and a lick of paint on the servo & suspension arms, all contributed to giving the engine bay that "wow" factor.


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